Facebook Messenger now reaches 1.2 billion users

Facebook’s objective has dependably been to interface the world, and now it appears that it is well on its approach to accomplish this. Delivery person is presently being utilized by more than one billion individuals over the globe!

What’s more, yes, this is an enormous point of reference – notwithstanding for an Internet monster like Facebook.

Furthermore, Facebook Messenger is additionally a great deal more than “only an informing application”: consistently clients everywhere throughout the world are sharing more than 22 million GIFs. The application has tallied many successes, each time it offered something new – whether it was sending blooms for Mothers’ day or playing soccer or ball games with your companions…

Presently, on the off chance that you consider the way that Facebook’s additionally claims WhatsApp, and its 1 billion MAUs, you can without much of a stretch relate and see how essential Facebook has progressed toward becoming in peopling everywhere throughout the world convey.

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