Dirty car Artist russian illustrator Nikita Golubev

Everybody cherishes a spotless auto. It’s the way toward making a spotless auto that turns individuals off. Washing it can be exceptionally dreary, so all things considered a few people simply leave the auto the way it is. What’s more, as it’s utilized to an ever increasing extent, it collects more soil. Such soil is gold to Nikita Golubev’s eyes. Golubev is a Russian artist that has as of late begun another arrangement called “Filthy Art.” He circumvents changing grimy autos into transitory workmanship pieces and the final products are, well, see with your own eyes!

Dirty cars are bad news for most of us car owners, but that’s not the case for everyone.

I would consider a painting like this a gift, wouldn’t you?

Human face…


Color flower



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