20-Year-Old Bone Cancer Victim Who Had Her Last Wish Come True: To Die Beautiful

A 20-year-old bone tumor tolerant finished her heart-shattering last wish. She passed on grinning in her box as she said she needed to ‘kick the bucket lovely.’ There’s no chance to get of picking when or how beyond words we trust this appalling demise can show every one of us a lesson. I’m certain she is as wonderful as dependably elsewhere. Rest in peace sweet young lady.

Racine Pregunta, from Davao City, in the southern Philippines unfortunately passed away a week ago after her staggering fight with osteosarcoma.

Disastrously the understudy knew the end was coming, so days before her passing, she start making arrangements for her memorial service.

Nearby the game plans, her primary lamentable wish was to ‘die beautiful.’

Upsetting but strangely peaceful images have not emerged.

Racine fastidiously arranged the entire burial service herself, with her last wishes allowed by her family who bolstered her all through her sickness.

Her sister Rolyn posted on Facebook:

“__Let me tell you how Racine prepared her departure.

It was April 12, 2017… Before she informed everyone that she’s ready to go. She had these requests: An off- shoulder white dress and a white flowerband. The next day, she asked for something that’s Violet, Blue and Mint Green. Then I asked her “Unsa d I na gang?” she replied “Basta kabalo nka ana”. The following day…. she said: I want to lay beside Papa. Thus, I said, let me try to achieve your request, consulted Mom about it and she told me: If we can afford to buy the lot beside my father’s grave. She practically suggested; what if “ipatong nalang nato sya sa lubnganan sa imu Papa?” And immediately relayed the message to Racine and she answered “it’ s fine”. She added: “If I die, I want to die BEAUTIFUL.” Personally requested for Ate Gladys to do her make- up (who is her personal make- up artist). Today, request fullfilled and there all I see is you, smiling.

Rest in Peace Langga.__”

Rest in peace Racine…

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